E-Soaring Electric Thermal Events

For our E-soaring events a wide range of gliders can be used. These can range from 2 metre wingspan gliders with rudder, elevator and spoilers to full house gliders of wingspans greater than 3.00m. Any glider can enter the MSA competitions with any electric motor/ battery combination.

The only extra item of electronic equipment which you would need to purchase is the CAM height operated switch, which can cut the current to the motor either after 30secs from switch on or at one of three height options preset beforehand. The preset height options are 100m, 150 and 200m. These units can be bought from Soaring Circuits.

For those that can build or purchase other units these will be acceptable providing they will cut the motor at the appropriate heights set on the day.

The additional rules for the E-soaring competitions are as follows:

  1. Any glider of any wing span up to the FAI limit, with any electric motor/ battery combination is permitted.
  2. A CAM altimeter should be installed in the glider (or a similar unit which cuts the power to the motor at the preset height).
  3. Prior to the competition starting the Competition Secretary will decide on the height that the CAM will be set to; this is dependant upon the lift on the day.
  4. For the actual type of competition to be run see the calendar.

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