2018 Indoor Christmas Bash

The annual bash took place on the 14th December and in spite of scraping frost off windscreens there was a good turnout of 14 members.

Anagrams were provided for studious members- lasting pond and the warm lake.   Ken Aslett worked it out just ahead of Simon Turner, the answers being spot landing and weak thermal, so Ken had his entry fee returned.

Ken Humphries. who vehemently denies ever working in the gentlemen's clothing department of Grace Brothers  provided festive Santa hats, these hats surprisingly fitted even the largest heads, no names including the chairman’s were mentioned, thanks Ken.

There were 4 tasks with several rounds per task


Not just one spot but 10 spots – 2 of each colour   red 5 points - blue 4- green 3 -yellow 2 - white 1 point

This required an element of luck to avoid the white spots placed close to the red spots. Distance measured from where the plane landed to the nearest spot.  Three rounds were flown and the two pilots of this round who came out top were Chris Corrin and Barry O’Hara.


Two vertical 2.4M poles supported 4 horizontal poles hence 3 gaps. Points were awarded for successful flights through the gaps. 

An incredible 8 there and back rounds were flown.  No less than our chairman was the top pilot whilst the manufacturer of the planes was at the other end of the pile.


8 green Depron bottles balanced on 2M long pole 1.50m above the ground, the object was to knock down as many as possible.

The bottles had to be hit fairly, hitting the framework and dislodging did not count.   It was an amazing sight that several planes were clearly observed to fly between the bottles. On re-examination –it was deemed to be physically impossible .Yet such are the skills of MSA flyers. A total of 4 rounds were flown. The Santa hat still fitted yet again the most successful pilot.


 The task was to safely land your plane on the landing strip. Points were deducted for flattening any of the 100mm high Depron men surrounding the airstrip. It was getting late so just 2 rounds were flown,  Hugh Webber, Ken Humphries and John Freeman all landed safely.  

While the rest of us were munching on mince pies, John F sat at the far end of the gym studiously totting up the scores of 238 individual flights ( That is not a misprint)

Thanks to:-

Steve Hannon wisely spending MSA funds to provide bottles of wine and mince pies.

John Freeman for very quickly calculating the results from the 238 flights.

Dave Laycock and his elves for repairing, rebuilding the depron planes and producing and providing the equipment

And to all those MSA members who came along to make it an enjoyable evening – spread the word for 2019.


Top three gents won bottles of wine. However our chairman who came 2nd generously handed his bottle to Ken Humphries in 4th place who was only 1 point behind.

1st     H Webber          9 points
2nd    S Hannon          14 points
3rd     J Freeman         21 points                                                     


The rest – position  names  points

4th     K Humphries  22         5th  C  Corrin   24  --       6th B O’Hara   26                         7th    K Sedgwick    28          8th     D Laycock  29      
9th  J Prichard  30               10th  D  Toye         33           11th =  K Aslett     38        11th =  S Turner    38                      13th  T  Wright    40             14th   R  Knight   41  


 “The most important thing in the Xmas bash is not winning but taking part.” So goes the famous saying by Pierre de Coubertin, the father of modern Olympic Games.           

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